Diamond Drilling / Core Cutting Services


Diamond Drilling At Indo spark construction services we are proud of speed At which we can Undertake and complete even the most complex Drilling operation and continue to evolve and equipments to Solve any drilling problem.
Diamond Drilling is the most versatile and efficient method of forming holes and opening in a wide range of hard material From heavy reinforced concrete and natural Stone and Bricks

Key Features :

  • Dust and vibration free
  • Flexible power sources
  • Light weight Drilling
  • High Performance Automated Regs
  • Hole Size from 8mm To 600mm
  • New slurry containment and Re-cycling system allows wet drilling in furnished area
  • Low noise output
  • The most precise method of forming Service penetration
  • Fully Trained labour & Operators
  • Fully equipped mobile workforce covering
  • No dust due to dry cutting
  • The job Area
  • Clean & Safe
  • Dry drilling when required



Utilizing and pioneering the latest technology, Indo Spark Are able to .11 holes in a number of applications from new Build Housing contracts to Complex civil Engineering and Nuclear decommissioning projects.
The versatile range of equipment can be Hand held Electric. rig Mounted, Self Contained Trailer or Airport Rig And is lightweight and adaptable allowing even the Most Demanding projects to be undertake with speed and precision. Where appropriate Endo Spark can utilize stitch Drilling Which is a teclmique Of for ming large and unconventional Shapes by using a series of over tapping holes which are free from Spalling and require little or no reinstatement
This procedure can be used across the four plains of Vertical, horizontal, angled And inverted. No matter you require hole is how big or how long Indo Spark can drill through it.


  • Core cutting work capacity from 12mm to 1000mm
  • Core cuning work in Rcc Slabs for depths upto 3 meter