Diamond Wall Sawing Services



Using the very latest in high Cycle Electric and hydraulic Wall Saw technology we can Precision cut opening to form Doors and windows and remove entire sections of structures In material such as Heavily Reinforced Concrete, Brick work And stone in buildings where access for conventional equipment is precluded and cut to depths of 730mm in the most Demanding situations

Key Features :

  • Precision Cutting
  • Vibration Free
  • Cut to 600mm Depth
  • Precise Remedial Works
  • Remote Controlled operation for Increased Safely
  • Angle Cutting
  • Stair Cutting
  • Flush Cutting
  • Speed & Versatilit
  • Rune Free
  • Full range of Case studies Available
  • Fully trained Labours & Operations
  • Fully Equipped mobile work force covering all over India.